Semester 2 Lectures

posted Jan 12, 2011, 2:24 AM by David Molloy   [ updated Jan 12, 2011, 9:36 AM ]
Semester 2 lectures begin on the week of the 7th of February.  The lectures will take place in XG19 on Monday mornings at 10-1am.  XG19 is on the ground floor of the Science building, which is the building behind and to the left of the Engineering and Research Building.  More detail can be found on the calendar page found at EE417 Home.  Feel free to add this calendar to overlay your own Google calendar as it is public.

Lectures will occur in three hour blocks, with a short break of about 15 minutes half way through the lecture.  There are no scheduled tutorials, but I'm open to requests if you feel that they are needed.  Please bear in mind that there are remote students, so any tutorial formats will need to be remotely shareable.

Each academic year, a number of changes take place with the module and you will be notified of these content changes as we go.  Each week I will provide a weekly update by email, as well as (short of technical problems occurring) a video recording of the lectures which have taken place.  The video recordings will consist of a screen grab recording of my laptop (ie. all slides, demonstrations, coding etc.) combined with my voice via microphone.  Unfortunately, if you have a burning desire to see me in the flesh, you'll need to attend the lectures - thankfully, for everyone's sake, these burning desires tend to happy relatively infrequently!