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Corona Virus Update (Mar 13 2020)

posted Mar 13, 2020, 8:26 AM by David Molloy

As you are all aware at this stage, the University has moved to online provision for the next few weeks at a minimum.
Because of this, there will be no physical lectures in the immediate future.  

As a result, I have now placed online most of the remaining material for this course:
  • Ajax - Video and Powerpoint
  • Hibernate - Video and Powerpoint
  • Cloud - Video and Powerpoint
  • Testing - Video and Powerpoint
  • Improving your Applications - Video and Powerpoint
For each of these topics, the videos are largely the video recordings from last year.  However, the content has been modified where required (we have removed certain material).  

In relation to asking questions etc. I will make myself available for an hour each Monday morning at 12:30pm until the course material has been completed.  I will pass around an email on Monday morning with the link (I'll probably use Zoom).  The intention here is to initially cover questions on the material but if there are no questions, I'll happily take questions on any topics or the assignment.  The content for this week is Ajax, Hibernate and the first half of Cloud.

There is one remaining section to be produced:
  • Real-world Problems - Video and Powerpoint
I'll wait a couple of weeks to assess whether lectures will be back on campus.  If not, then I will produce that content and place online in the same way.  This will obviously still be done - the only question is whether it is a recording from home or a physical lecture recording.

In relation to the examination at the end of the Semester.  The current information I have is that this examination will be going ahead in the usual way.  I will update when I hear more.

Wishing you and your families the best at this time.

Kind regards,

Start of Lectures - January 2020

posted Jan 23, 2020, 8:58 AM by David Molloy

The first lecture for EE417 in 2019/2020 will take place in room GLA-QG27  (Business School, Glasnevin Campus) on Monday 27th of January at 10am.  This room is on the ground floor of the Business School building and should be easy enough to find.
I will be (hopefully!) recording all of my lectures again this academic year, so if you miss out on the physical lectures we should have a screencast and audio available on the website within 24 hours.
Looking forward to meeting with you all.

David Molloy

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