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Recommended Texts

There are actually no recommended texts for this module - in the sense that I don't recommend that students by default would buy *any* books.  
As can be seen on the website, there is a considerable amount of information provided in the notes, and the notes take the form of a type of "book".  

Having said that, on occasion students might feel that they wish to broaden their knowledge on particular topics, or may be struggling in understanding some topics using only the information provided.  If this is the case, here are some suggested books which might prove useful as optional additional material:
  • J2EE Unleashed, Paul R.Allen, Joseph J.Bambara, Sams 2002    - (Library Copies: 1 week loan: 2, 4 week loan (part-time): 2, 24hour loan: 2, Main Lending 1 week: 2)
  • Murach's Java Servlets and JSP: Training & Reference, Joel Murach/Andrea Steelman, Fresno/Murach 2003    - (Library Copies: 1 week loan: 2, 4 week loan (part-time): 1, 24hour loan: 2, Main Lending: 2)
  • Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP and EJB, Budi Kurniawan, 2002  (Library Copies: 1 week loan: 2, Main Lending: 2, 24 hour loan: 1, 4 week part-time: 2)
  • Java Servlet Programming, Jason Hunter/William Crawford, O'Reilly 1998
  • Java Servlet Programming Bible, Rajagopalan, Rajamani et al, Hungry Minds 2002
  • The Complete Reference SQL, Groff/Winberg, McGrawHill 1999
  • Grails - A Quick-Start Guide, Dave Klein, 2009
  • Programming Groovy - Dynamic Productivity for the Java Developer, Venkat Subramaniam, 2008