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Exam Question #1

This is the first question for the forthcoming alternative assignment arrangement, specifically put in place as alternative arrangements for 2020.  Details can be found below.

Weight: 25% of overall mark       (25 of the 75 marks available for the examination)

Due Date: To be submitted as Question 1 of the final online examination. 

Submission Mechanism: Copy/pasted into Question 1 Field.  Uploading of document may be facilitated (this needs to be confirmed)

Warning: No submissions will be taken after the examination.  This question is actually part of the examination component but students are being given a longer period to pre-prepare for Question 1.


You have previously built a web application using the core technologies from the EE417 course (See note**).  This prototype application has been well received by your company and they have now provided you with funding to develop your application into a fully-featured, production-ready application for deployment in the real-world.

You have a team of four junior developers who report to you and who are ready to begin development of the software application.  As you are the original designer and the most senior developer, the team is looking to you for guidance on a range of areas:

  •           Application framework and architecture
  •           Front-end framework and design
  •           Data integration of components
  •           Deployment & Hosting
  •           Multi-user development issues
  •           Testing
  •           B2B (Business to Business)  integration
  •           Any other areas you feel important

You are required to prepare a document for the team providing them with big picture details for design, deployment, implementation and running of your software application.

This document should be concise, to the point and should not exceed 1500 words.  This should be a highly personal document based on your own experience and your understanding of the course material. You should principally use the course material, but are not specifically limited only to elements from the course.

** Note: If you have not previously submitted Assignment #1, then you should make the assumption that you have built an application as described in the prior assignment description. All other aspects of this specification then apply as normal as you are not asked to write or enhance code for this assignment.

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment and all submissions will be checked for plagiarism through both an automated and manual process.  Students may be called for interview and, as part of this process, we will discuss each of their assignment submissions.