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There are a number of software packages, both recommended and required for this module.  These packages have been installed locally in the Masters Laboratories (S210) on campus.  Any student with a username and password for the machines (all students who attend induction or contact Paul Wogan to request theirs) can use this software.  

However, online and other non-attending students must install these packages on the machine through which they will be taking the module.  The packages will be required in the development of their Continuous Assessment submission.  They will also be advantageous in practicing and understanding the course content.

Java Standard Edition (JSE) must be installed before Tomcat is installed.  Tomcat should also be installed before Eclipse is installed. 

Required Downloads

Recommended Downloads

Unless you really know what you are doing, you should use the recommended Eclipse IDE suggested in this course.  So for the vast majority of students, this is a required download.  However, it is not the only development option and so the decision to download is up to you.