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Assignment Submission Details (Resit Opportunity)

Please follow the instructions below carefully. Three Tomcat installations have been installed on the same machine and you will deploy your application to one of these servers.

Step 1: Create a WAR file containing your application

  • In Eclipse, right-click your project and select 'Export' -> 'WAR File'
  • Choose a location to save your file  (somewhere you will find it again)
  • IMPORTANT: Select 'Export Source Files'     (this allows us to examine your source code)
  • Select 'Finish'

Step 2: Deploy your application to the test Tomcat servers

  • Choose one of the three following servers (randomly pick one).  Each server is configured in an identical manner.  Three have been provided to try to avoid clashing of web application names.  However, if you have chosen a name such as 'student', 'library' etc. you might have some issues with clashing. 
  • You will be prompted for a login.    Username: ee_user        Password: ee_pass
  • Under the section 'WAR File to Deploy', select your WAR file from your harddrive and select to deploy it.
  • You should then be able to view your application at:
  • IMPORTANT: If you are deploying your application subsequently, you will need to select 'Undeploy' next to your application in the listed table above.  Please do NOT undeploy applications which do not belong to you (even if they use a name that clashes with yours).  This testing facility is provided to help you ensure that your applications are working as you expect them to.

Step 3: Deploy your application to Moodle

  • When you are happy that your WAR file is FINAL, the WAR file should be deployed to Moodle at the following URL:
  • IMPORTANT: When submitting, edit the 'Notes' to provide the URL to your deployed application as defined in Step 2 above

Step 4: What *YOU* should provide with your application

  • When testing, the corrector will look at the applications in Moodle and follow the links provided in the 'Submission Comments' entry for your submission.    and expect to see:    A) Your name and student number       B) A link to your application         and     C) A link to your your report
  • The application and report must have clear instructions to help the corrector test your application. For example, do not force a corrector to have to manually visit your database table data in order to find a valid login to your application. It would be preferred to write a note above your login with a suggested login for testing.

The Report

The report should not be a long document. There are few marks available for the report and you should not spend significant time on it.  It should be written in HTML (without using a WYSIWYG editor) but is not expected to be written in a stylish manner. The following are requirements for your report:
  • IMPORTANT: The SQL used to create all database tables used in your application
  • Sample login details (if applicable) for your application. This is important as commonly I have received assignments which present a login page and no further information as to what the login details might be!
  • A brief description of the functionality of your application  (and I do mean BRIEF!)
  • If your application is not working, please indicate this clearly in your report, describing exactly what should be working (if anything)
  • Any special efforts or functionality you have made/provided in your assignment. For example, if you performed validation on some forms, you should mention this in your report so that we do not miss this "bonus feature" as we look at your application/code.
So really the report is about giving us the means to easily correct your application and to let us know about any work you have done that you would like to be rewarded for!   The corrector should not have to trawl your code and/or database tables to test your application!

Submitting Assignment - All of the above in a video